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Tweet tweet, Mad About Money left us a review

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I cannot tell you the amount of money I have lost over the years to my ADHD. I have always been terrible at signing up to free trials and forgetting to cancel them, getting bored of entertainment platforms and signing up to another one. For instance, I once signed up to Audible because I was convinced I was going to read a book and then I totally forgot about it. I also signed up to Experian credit file when I got a mortgage, and while it is important to know where you stand with your credit rating, if you are not planning on taking any credit in the near future, it is probably not something you should be paying £18 a month for.

When I finally checked my subscriptions using Little Birdie, I was shocked at how much money I was spending on things I don’t use. I immediately cancelled Disney Plus, which I had got for the kids, but it seems that they actually prefer Netflix - the little heathens!

I cancelled Audible, as I know that I am never going to focus that much on an audio book, but if I do sign up again, as I know I probably will, I can at least track it.

One of the biggest things for me though, was that I was paying for a few things that I had absolutely no idea of what they were – so I cancelled them! The world didn’t end, but I did save over £68 a month by checking through everything on Little Birdie where, using their comparison service to find a better deal on my broadband, I saved some money on that too.

I love how it is a snapshot of my personal finances, all in one place, and they make it so easy to cancel when you find something you no longer want to be paying for.

What would you do with that extra money? If you saved £68 or more a month, you could go on holiday, get the kids into football club, or treat yourself more.

To me, it’s a no brainer to download this app, especially as it is completely FREE! As a consumer money specialist, I am always shouting about ways to save money and the Little Birdie app is now one of my ‘go to’ apps.

As a mum I need to keep an eye on the things that the kids are buying on my phone – be that coins for a game or the odd sneaky Amazon purchase, and Little Birdie lets you know if something regular is coming out of your account – not just subscriptions, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be spending a penny more than what you planned.

I can’t imagine life without it now. Just last week, my water bill went up unexpectedly and after a phone call to the water company, I found that they had made a mistake. I wouldn’t have known that without Little Birdie.

So, there you have it. A finance specialist’s recommendation for an app that will save you a tonne of money on your subscriptions and help you to manage your regular payments.

Head over to the app stores now to download it and find out for yourself.

Thank you Mad About Money for this amazing review! We are so pleased to hear our app has been helping you save!

If you haven’t downloaded our subscription management app yet – why don’t you download it to start saving today?

Free to use & download and available on Apple Store and Google Play:

See how much you can save and let us know!

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