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What is little birdie plus?
Little Birdie Plus is the premium version of Little Birdie providing enhanced features such as auto subscription finder (open banking) and in app cancellation. See here for the full feature list​

Why have you introduced little birdie plus?
To date have been providing our customers with free services and have been absorbing the charges from our suppliers, notably for managing an unlimited amount of connected bank or credit cards (open banking fees) and 'in app' cancellations. Unfortunately, like many products and services over the last 2 years the costs have risen and we are no longer able to provide some of these services free of charge.​

How do I get little birdie plus?
Go to "Help" in the app and select "Plus" or click on any "Upgrade to Plus" buttons throughout the app journey.​

How much is it? Only £2.99 each month (cancel anytime) or £24 a year (saving 33%)​

How do I cancel little birdie plus?
On the monthly plan you can cancel anytime. Simply go into settings on IOS and Android and cancel subscription



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