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Cancellation can be stressful – Little Birdie is here to hold your hand


There is no doubt about it, cancelling those unwanted subscriptions and contracts can be a tricky business. Whether it’s desperately trying to find that support number on the supplier’s website or searching through the small print to find out exactly how to cancel, Little Birdie is here to help. Keep reading to learn how.

We do this in two ways:

1. Click to Cancel

With over 400 vendors included, Click to Cancel makes cancelling easy. Essentially it means that you complete an online form to request your cancellation with a selected supplier. Little Birdie will then pre-populate the form with some of your details to help make the process that much easier. You will need to provide some information so the subscription/service provider will be able to identify you. Think of it as a team effort!

We’ve got a handy list of all the subscriptions / service providers we can Click to Cancel on the website here.

What if the supplier isn’t on the list or Click to Cancel isn’t an option?

Fear not – Little Birdie can still help, we call this..

2. Help to Cancel

Where simple click to cancel isn’t an option Little Birdie can still help – we have a guided approach that will help you cancel contracts with most, popular subscription providers. Select the subscription and hit Cancel Subscription, then the guide will give you everything you need to be able to complete the cancellation process as painlessly as possible, including:

  • A step-by-step on how to cancel.

  • All relevant support numbers and email addresses.


Help to Cancel removes the need for you to hunt for those hard-to-find cancellation details and provides them all in a list that is easy to read and follow! You can find cancellation help for some of the most common subscriptions here too. See, we told you we would hold your hand through the cancellation journey!

Need further support?

Contact Little Birdie via email at!

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