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Little Birdie’s Martyn James shares his Top Tips with users – keep reading to see how you can save!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Little Birdie: Martyn, how can we avoid being caught in those free trial traps; paying for free trials that we never wanted?

Martyn: Free trials don’t mean free money. Lots of people sign up to free trials, from paid-for health apps to beauty products. Many firms start to charge you after a few months, or sometimes as little as seven days. Just because you’ve signed up doesn’t mean you are locked into a contract. So cancel as soon as you spot the subscription.

Get to know your phone bill. Little Birdie can help you track down subscriptions you might not have realised you’ve signed up to. But did you know that some firms can debit you through your phone bill? Lots of people don’t even know their online phone bill log in details. Get acquainted with them and get rid of those sneaky subscriptions.

Get some cash back. If you didn’t authorise a business to debit your account then they should give you back your cash if they can’t prove they have permission to do so. This is particularly true if the amount you are debited varies (subscription ‘traps’). You might even get interest. Call your bank or card provider and tell them you didn’t ‘authorise the transaction’. Little Birdie holds your hand through the cancellation process, check out the newly launched Click to Cancel service here; allowing you to cancel with over 400 vendors at the click of a button!

Check your account each month for mystery debits. Some subscriptions dodge detection because they look like normal transactions on your account, or use unusual codes that don’t look like regular payments. Little Birdie will find most subscriptions on your accounts but get into the habit each month of checking your statements just in case a business is doing its best to remain undetected.

Share the good news! Why not share the Little Birdie app with your friends and family to help them save cash? It’s particularly helpful with older or more vulnerable people – and younger people who’ve been tricked by dodgy businesses. Let people know how much you’ve saved too – my top sharer has saved £1,500!

Little Birdie: Thanks, Martyn! Those are some terrific Top Tips!


Want to further your saving efforts? Check out Little Birdie’s Deals page, to help you find better deals on Broadband, Car Insurance, Energy, Home Insurance – and more! Check it out and find yourself a better deal today!

Haven’t downloaded the app? What are you waiting for – download today!

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