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Why Little Birdie – 5 Reasons Why You Should Download the Little Birdie App Today!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Are you feeling the financial pressure? With the cost-of-living crisis forcing us to re-evaluate our recurring payments and search for ways we can save, the Little Birdie subscription management app might just be the tonic you have been looking for! Free to download and use (on App store and Google Play), Little Birdie can not only help you to save your hard-earned cash but the app can also help you to manage your money better – read reading to learn how.

#1 Little Birdie gives you a complete overview of your subscriptions and recurring payments

When we’re asked how much we are spending on subscriptions or your recurring payments, it can be easy to live in blissful ignorance, proudly saying at the office that you don’t subscribe to many subscription providers, but when we take a lot at our monthly outgoings – everything from our Netflix and Spotify to our Mortgage repayments and TV license payments - and really break down those sometimes-hidden subscriptions we are paying for each month, each year, it can be a rather nail-biting experience! Thankfully, the Little Birdie app does the work for you – and fast. On signing up for the app and connecting through open banking (you can also connect your accounts manually*), Little Birdie will pull across all your subscriptions and recurring payments, allowing you to see them in one place. What’s that saying, “action is the best form of prevention”; the same is true with your finances, to start saving you need to have an accurate picture of where your money is going, and the Little Birdie app gives you these insights in one easy-to-use app! Don’t just take our word for it, Little Birdie was highlighted as a solution in a recent TechRadar article: I wasted megabucks on tech subscriptions – here's how to avoid my mistakes. Click here to give it a read.

*Open banking captures all regular payments but sometimes not all annual repayments which can be easy to forget about! The Little Birdie app also gives you the opportunity to enter your payments manually – ensuring you never overlook those one-off yearly repayments again!

#2 Click to Cancel & Cancellation Help

  • Having identified those unwanted subscriptions using the app, the next step is cancelling them. Now, ordinarily, this can be a pretty painful process, one where you either get sent down a rabbit hole of reading excessive information on a provider’s website or end up in a heated conversation with the provider on the phone – where you are likely to be in a state of desperation and despair. Little Birdie is here to put an end to your cancellation woes! With our Click to Cancel feature, you can cancel with a list of over 400 vendors. Simply, complete an online form to request your cancellation with a selected supplier. Little Birdie will then pre-populate the form with some of your details to help make the process that much easier. You will need to provide some information so the subscription/service provider will be able to identify you. Click here to learn more about the process.

If your provider isn’t included on that list, we can still help! With Cancellation Help, we offer a guided approach, that will help you cancel contracts with the most popular subscription providers. Simply, select the subscription and hit Cancel Subscription, then the guide will give you everything you need to be able to complete the cancellation process as painlessly as possible including:

  • A step-by-step on how to cancel.

  • All relevant support numbers and email addresses.

Visit our website to learn more.

#3 Switch and Save

With our deals feature, in partnership with MoneySuperMarket, Little Birdie will not only help you find a better deal on your regular payments like broadband; car insurance; energy; home insurance; life insurance; mobile; pet insurance & travel insurance – it will also help you switch! Visit our deals page today to find a better deal.

#4 Forget me not: Never forget another free trial end date again

You will never forget the Little Birdie app with its savvy reminder feature. Little Birdie will remind you when any of your free trials or contracts are coming up for renewal, so you won’t have to try and remember yourself and risk being charged for a subscription or service that you don’t want! We have one question, have you downloaded the app yet?!

#5 Analyse your overall spending

Have you ever tried to keep a budget using a spreadsheet? It is a pretty horrifying and complicated task – this isn’t a job interview, you don’t have to pretend to be an excel wiz with us - and with the Little Birdie app, there’s no need! Another awesome feature of the app is that it provides a monthly breakdown of your spending, which means, you can close that budget excel tab and tick another thing off your to-do list – because the Little Birdie app has got you covered there too!

For more tips on saving your money, check out our blog here. Consumer champion, Martyn James, shares some of his Top Tips as well!

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Download here – it’s free to download and use:

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