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Consumer rights campaigner and champion, Martyn James, joins the Little Birdie team

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Meet Martyn James…

Hi, Little Birdie users! My name is Martyn James and I’ve been a consumer rights campaigner, broadcaster, and journalist for two decades. I’m proud to be the brand ambassador for Little Birdie,

I love my day job, because over the years I’ve got to work on campaigns that have made a real difference to people’s lives, changed laws, and encouraged businesses to change their approach for the better. But my real passion is helping people save money and get through challenging times. And we are currently living through the most challenging period in recent memory.

One of my biggest tips to help people save money is tracking down long forgotten subscriptions and regular payments lurking on bank accounts and credit card statements. The amount you can save is dramatic – I managed to save well over £1,000 by doing this. So, when the team at Little Birdie asked me to get involved with an app that makes this process super simple, I jumped at the chance.

Because of the way regular payments are constructed, they can often hide away on bank statements and not stand out, which means it’s easy to miss them. Little Birdie makes the whole process of tracking down these mystery payments really easy. I’m also a big fan of the reminders that existing contracts are due to come to an end, which can really help you when you need to renew things like your insurance or broadband contracts. Little Birdie is constantly evolving too. The app now allows you to cancel subscriptions in the app – which makes it even easier to keep on top of your finances and make some major savings.

I only support businesses and organisations that are free and make a difference to people’s lives. Not only is Little Birdie a free service, it takes an ethical approach to data protection and offers responsible guidance and tips all designed to help you save some cash.

So don’t delay, download Little Birdie today and get started on saving some serious money. It worked for me, and it will work for you too.

Download the app today! Available on App Store & Google Play: ➡️App Store: ➡️Google Play:

The Little Birdie team is delighted to welcome Martyn James as our brand ambassador! Keep an eye on the Tips & Saving section over the coming weeks to see Martyn’s Top Tips for saving revealed!

Start saving!

In the meantime, head over to the Deals section of the website to see how Little Birdie can help you save today!

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