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Nation spending five times more than they think on subscriptions

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

A recent study by Little Birdie has shown that we’re in the dark when it comes to subscription fees. The average Brit believes they’re only spending £29 each month, when they are actually paying an average of £149. The study backed up earlier findings from Free to Air TV provider Freeview.

With rising energy prices, the impact of the covid pandemic and Brexit uncertainty, almost a quarter (22%) of the public are looking for new ways to tighten their purse strings and review their monthly outgoings.

  • Study shows Brits think they spend an average of £29 on monthly subscriptions – but they are actually paying £149.

  • Consumers find it hard to cancel or simply don’t have the time to look for better value alternatives

  • One of the many pain points for consumers is ‘free trials’ which roll into ‘paid for contracts’ with many users simply believing they were scammed.

According to the Freeview study, two of our costliest subscriptions are TV services (averaging £28 a month) and mobile phone contracts (averaging £19 a month), which are both set to increase further on 1 April.

With so much economic uncertainty almost a quarter (22%) of the public are looking for new ways to tighten their purse strings and review their monthly outgoings. Little Birdie can help.

Mum of twins spends £400+ each month

While the research shows we’re spending on average £149 each month, there are instances where members of the public are spending much more. Speaking to Tara Conway, a new mum of twins, Freeview found that she spends £407 on subscriptions monthly: a massive £114 for her gym membership, followed closely by £110 for a TV and broadband package. Looking at just her top five costliest outgoings, Freeview has made money-savvy suggestions which could bring savings of up to £312 per month.

The good news is that there are a number of tools available which enable consumers to plan their budgets or seek alternative and better value products. The traditional price comparison sites of course let you search for alternatives but you still need to remember when your contract is up for renewal or the end date.

Little Birdie, a soon to launch, subscription & bill management app, goes a step further. Once you download the app and register, following a few easy steps (which take less than 5 mins) it will do the hard work for you – it will present all of of your current subscriptions and regular outgoings, remind you of payment dates, tell you when prices change and suggest alternative better value services as well as providing help and advice on how to cancel….

The app is free to download and the service free to use…..

You can pre register your interest here and when the app is available you can be one of the very first to experience it

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