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How To Delete Unidays Account

What Is Unidays?

UNiDAYS is a free platform that offers exclusive discounts and deals to students worldwide. It acts like a one-stop shop for student savings, giving you access to savings on various categories like:

  • Fashion: Get discounts on apparel, footwear, and accessories from popular brands like Adidas, Nike, ASOS, and more.

  • Technology: Save on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other tech gadgets from brands like Apple, Microsoft, Dell, and Samsung.

  • Food and entertainment: Enjoy discounts on dining, streaming services, movies, and events.

  • Travel and transportation: Save on flights, hotels, trains, and buses for your next adventure.

  • Learning and development: Access discounts on e-learning courses, online subscriptions, and textbooks.

How To Delete Unidays Account

Here's how to delete your UNiDAYS account:

1. Access the Account Deletion Page:

  • Visit the UNiDAYS website and sign in to your account.

  • Navigate to the "Support" or "Help" section.

  • Look for the option "Delete my account" or a similarly worded link. If you can't find it, use their search bar to locate it.

2. Confirm Your Request:

  • Once you're on the account deletion page, you'll likely be asked to confirm your intention to delete your account.

  • Read any warnings or explanations provided carefully.

  • If you're sure you want to proceed, click the button or link to confirm your deletion request.

3. Verify Your Identity (if required):

  • UNiDAYS might ask you to verify your identity to ensure account security.

  • This could involve entering your password again or answering security questions.

4. Receive a Confirmation:

  • Upon successful completion of the deletion process, you should receive a confirmation message, usually via email.

  • This message might include details about how long it will take for your account to be permanently deleted.

How Long Does A UNiDAYS Account Last?

The lifespan of a UNiDAYS account depends on two main factors: your student status and whether you choose to join their GRADLiFE program after graduation. Here's a breakdown:

1. During your studies:

  • Your account has an expiry date: This is tied to your student ID card expiry or an annual expiry if you verified through email or portal. It ensures only active students benefit from the platform.

  • Reverification is required: Depending on your country's system, you'll need to re-verify your student status periodically (usually every 6 months) to maintain access.

2. After graduation:

  • Account expiry: Once your student status officially ends, your UNiDAYS account will expire.

  • GRADLiFE option: UNiDAYS offers the GRADLiFE program, which lets you continue enjoying their discounts for 36 months after graduation. However, this is not available in all countries and might require a subscription fee.

Is It Possible To Deactivate My Unidays Account Temporarily Instead Of Deleting It?

While UNiDAYS doesn't offer a specific "deactivation" option, here are alternative ways to achieve a similar effect:

  1. Stop Verification:

  • If you're a current student, simply don't reverify your student status when prompted. This will eventually lead to your account's expiration, but it won't be immediately deleted. You can reactivate it later by reverifying.

  1. Opt Out of Emails:

  • To reduce notifications and emails, go to your account settings and unsubscribe from marketing emails. This won't deactivate your account, but it will minimize UNiDAYS's presence in your inbox.

  1. Contact Customer Support:

  • If you have specific concerns or want to explore temporary deactivation possibilities, reach out to UNiDAYS customer support. They might be able to assist with solutions tailored to your situation.

Can I Recover My Unidays Account After Deleting It?

recovering a deleted UNiDAYS account is not straightforward and depends on how long ago you deleted it and if you had linked any social media accounts to it. Here's what you can try:

1. Check for residual traces:

  • Before assuming the account is completely gone, try logging in with your old email address and password.

  • There's a small chance it might still be accessible if the deletion process hasn't fully kicked in yet.

2. Contact UNiDAYS support:

  • If logging in doesn't work, your best bet is to reach out to UNiDAYS customer support.

  • Explain your situation and the timeframe of your account deletion.

  • They might be able to help restore your account if it hasn't been permanently removed from their system.

3. Consider creating a new account:

  • If recovery isn't possible, you can always create a new UNiDAYS account.

  • Just remember that you'll need to reverify your student status again to access the deals and discounts.


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