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How Much Is Pret Subscription

As a Club Pret member, you can enjoy up to 5 Barista-prepared drinks a day, including coffees, teas, and lemonades, plus 20% off everything in Pret A Manger shops and through Pret Pick Up. 

And now, for a limited time, new subscribers can enjoy 2 months of Club Pret for only $20/month using the code HOLIDAY40 via the Pret app.

Key Takeaways

  • Pret A Manger has increased the cost of its Club Pret subscription service by 20%, from £25 to £30 a month.

  • The subscription entitles customers to up to five hot drinks a day at no additional cost and includes a 10% discount on all food and drink in Pret's branches.

  • The price hike is attributed to rising inflation, pay for employees, and ingredient costs, among other factors.

Club Pret: What You Need to Know About the Popular Cafe Chain

As a Club Pret member, you can manage your subscription whenever you'd like, and you're in control. You can also enjoy your favorite drinks on repeat, with up to 5 Barista-made drinks a day, including Coffees, Teas, Lemonades, and more. There's only a 30-minute wait time between redemptions, and you can order hot or iced drinks in any size. You can also add any milk or plant-based milk and one add-on at no extra charge.

And that's not all! As a Club Pret member, you can enjoy 20% off the entire menu, from freshly made sandwiches to warm-gooey cookies. You can enjoy this discount in shops and when you order ahead, all day, every day.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Pret app today to sign up for Club Pret and start enjoying amazing drinks and food perks at Pret A Manger!

Enjoy 50% off your first 2 months of Club Pret!

If you are looking for a way to enjoy your favorite drinks and food at Pret A Manger while saving money, then Club Pret is the perfect solution for you.

Save 20% off the entire menu

You can now enjoy 20% off your favourite freshly made bites from sandwiches to cookies in Pret shops and through Pret Pick Up. This discount applies to all breakfast, lunch, and snack items all day, every day. Please note that prices may vary depending on the ingredients used in each snack item. Also, don't forget to check the availability of your preferred snack or sandwich before ordering.

Includes all your favorite drinks

With Club Pret, you can enjoy up to 5 barista-prepared drinks daily, including all your favourite drinks such as coffee, tea, iced drinks, hot chocolate, organic milk, plant-based milk, frappes, smoothies, and Pret Coolers.

Earn Perks & Access Promos

As a Club Pret subscriber, you can earn two Pret Perks stars every month when your membership renews, plus one star for every additional purchase. With 10 stars, you can get a free perk. Moreover, you can access exclusive discounts and promotions throughout the year.


  • What drinks are included in Club Pret?

  • All drinks are included, including barista-made drinks, hot and cold drinks, and smoothies.

  • What is included in the 20% off promotion?

  • You can save 20% off on the entire menu, including freshly made food, snacks, and drinks every single day.

  • How do I join Club Pret?

  • You can join Club Pret by downloading the app and subscribing to the Club Pret subscription service.

  • Is there a limit to how much food I can get with my Club Pret discount?

  • No, there is no limit to how much food you can get with your Club Pret discount.

Club Pret subscribers can also use the Club Pret Drinks Value Calculator to see how much they can save on their favorite drink. You can select your favorite drink and how often you enjoy it to see how much you could save. With a subscription, you can save £0 per week, compared to £0 per week without a subscription.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can check out the Club Pret FAQs or contact customer service for more information.

Pret Subscription Price Hike: What You Need to Know

If you're a fan of Pret A Manger's hot drinks, you may have noticed that the cost of its Club Pret subscription service has gone up by 20%. The monthly fee has increased from £25 to £30, which may make you wonder if it's still worth it.

However, Pret is trying to sweeten the deal by offering a 10% discount on all food and drink in its branches for Club Pret members. The subscription, which was previously called 'Pret Unlimited', entitles customers to up to five hot drinks a day at no additional cost. Despite the price hike, the service remains popular, with 1.25 million weekly users in the UK and an 11% year-on-year increase in subscribers.

Is a Club Pret Subscription Worth It?

If you're a daily consumer of hot drinks, then a Club Pret subscription may make financial sense for you. For a monthly fee of £30, you can get up to five drinks per day, which works out to be around 20p per drink. This is a significant saving compared to the regular price of a Pret cappuccino, which is around £3.50 per cup.

In addition to the savings on drinks, the subscription also offers a 10% discount on all food and drink in branches, which is a nice added bonus.

To determine if the subscription is worth it for you, consider how many hot drinks you typically order in a month. If you order at least ten to fifteen hot drinks a month at Pret A Manger, then the subscription may make financial sense for you, even with the latest price increase.

However, if you rarely visit the chain, or there isn't a branch near your home or workplace, the £360 annual fee may be too expensive to justify. Furthermore, if you find yourself only visiting Pret to justify the coffee subscription, it may not be worth it.

It's worth noting that the subscription also includes iced drinks, frappes, non-alcoholic drinks, and cold drinks, as well as an additional drink of your choice each month. This means that the subscription can be a good option for those who enjoy a variety of barista-made coffees, syrups, and other barista-prepared drinks.

In summary, a Club Pret subscription can be a good option for those who are daily consumers of hot drinks and enjoy a variety of barista-made drinks. However, if you rarely visit Pret or are happy with the coffee you can make at home or in the office, it may not be worth it.

Which other subscriptions have gone up in price?

If you are feeling the pinch of rising subscription costs, you are not alone. In a recent poll, 60% of Times Money Mentor readers who voted told us they paid for two or more subscription services each month. Unfortunately, Pret is not the only company to increase its prices. Here are some of the other subscription services that have seen a price hike:


Netflix increased the cost of its Basic subscription plan, without adverts, from £5.99 to £6.99 in May 2022. The Standard plan also increased from £9.99 to £10.99, representing a 10% price increase.


Amazon raised the monthly cost of its Prime subscription service from £7.99 to £8.99 in September 2021. The annual subscription also rose from £79 to £95, representing a 20% price increase.


Spotify increased the price of its Premium Student service from £4.99 to £5.99 a month in April 2021. The monthly cost of its Premium Family package also rose from £14.99 to £16.99, representing a 13% price increase. However, the price of a standard monthly Premium membership did not change, still sitting at £9.99.


Disney+ increased in price from £5.99 to £7.99 a month in February 2021, representing a 33% price increase.

Apple TV and Music

Apple TV increased its monthly subscription costs from £4.99 to £6.99 in October 2022, representing a 40% price increase. The monthly Apple Music fee also rose from £9.99 to £10.99 a month, making it more expensive than rival Spotify.

It is important to note that some of the products promoted are from affiliate partners from whom we receive compensation. While we aim to feature some of the best products available, we cannot review every product on the market.

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