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How Much Is Ourtime Subscription Uk

OurTime is a popular dating platform that caters to individuals over 50 who are seeking meaningful relationships. The platform offers various subscription plans, including standard and value options, with different durations to suit your preferences. Understanding the cost of joining OurTime and the value it provides can help you make an informed decision about investing in this dating service.

Key Takeaways

  • OurTime is a popular dating platform for individuals over 50 seeking meaningful relationships.

  • Understanding the cost and benefits of membership can help you make an informed decision about using the service.

  • Evaluating the features and advantages of OurTime can enhance your online dating experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Our Time: Membership Prices and Plans Explained

When considering whether to spend on OurTime, it's essential to evaluate the features and benefits that come with the membership plans. By understanding the cost structure and the potential advantages of using the platform, you can determine if it aligns with your dating goals and preferences. Making a well-informed decision about investing in OurTime can enhance your online dating experience and potentially lead to fulfilling connections.

How much does OurTime cost?

If you are interested in joining OurTime, you might be wondering how much it will cost you. Here is a breakdown of the costs associated with OurTime:

Can you try Ourtime for free?

Yes, you can use or try the service for free. However, keep in mind that you cannot send or read messages for free on OurTime.

Is Ourtime expensive or cheap?

When compared to dating sites catering to the same age range, the price of OurTime’s monthly plans is average. In comparison to other providers, Ourtime is also average.

OurTime offers two types of monthly membership: the standard and value subscription. The standard subscription enables its subscribers to use the contacting functions of OurTime. Value subscription, meanwhile, gives you all that and more.

The table below shows the costs of the different subscription plans and add-on features:

Duration / Credits / Coins



Premium Subscription

1 Month

39.99 GBP / Month

3 Months

24.99 GBP / Month

6 Months

19.99 GBP / Month

Incognito Mode

1 Day

1.99 GBP / Day

1 Month

9.99 GBP / Month


1 Credit

1.99 GBP / Credit

5 Credits

1.59 GBP / Credit

10 Credits

1.19 GBP / Credit

Love Notes

5 Credits

1.60 GBP / Credit

15 Credits

1.33 GBP / Credit

30 Credits

1.00 GBP / Credit

Apart from these monthly fees, OurTime also lets users purchase tokens. These tokens, in turn, are for buying Virtual Gifts or the Visibility Boost. Both are add-on features which may help you score more brownie points.

Overall, the price of OurTime is average when compared to other dating sites catering to the same age range. Whether you choose the standard or value subscription, you will have access to a range of features that can help you find love again.

Does it make sense to spend at OurTime?

If you're a matured individual looking for love and companionship, OurTime is one of the top online dating platforms you might want to consider. But does it make sense to spend money on a premium subscription at OurTime? Let's take a closer look.

Free Deals

OurTime does not offer trial periods, but you can sign up for free to test the service. This free registration allows you to create and customize your profile, use the search function, view profile pictures and full profile information of other members, like profiles, send unlimited messages, view who is interested in you, and use the Shuffle special feature. You can also send Love Notes and enjoy ad-free browsing.

While being a non-paying member may have its limits, it is an excellent way to ascertain if OurTime is the right dating site for you. Unlike trial periods, you can stay free of charges for as long as you wish. OurTime will only credit your account when you purchase any of its subscriptions or tokens.

Diverse but Harmonious

OurTime has a diverse but harmonious user base, with over 20 million members as of writing. Most of the members are in their 50s and up, but a considerable number of the population are in their mid-20s up to the late 40s. The majority are empty-nesters who were either divorced or widowed, looking for companionship, new friends, pen-pals, or possible husband or wife.

In terms of nationality, most of OurTime's users come from English-speaking countries, namely, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Aside from these nations, OurTime also caters to users from Sweden, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Active Members

OurTime has several exciting features that its members will find enjoyable. With the help of Live Chat and Messaging, members can get to know each other by conversing about any topic they find interesting. OurTime also has an Events tab that curates nearby events that may be worth attending. Members can keep an eye out not just on mixers and blind dates, but also for activities wherein they can learn new skills or make a friend or two.

Members are highly active at OurTime, and it may be because of the free-to-download app that's available for both Android and iOS users. The app is functional and easy-to-use, making it a reliable alternative for singles who are on-the-go.

In conclusion, OurTime offers a range of free features and exciting paid features that can make your dating experience enjoyable and fruitful. With its diverse but harmonious user base and active members, it's worth considering spending money on a premium subscription at OurTime.


In this modern age, finding love is more comfortable and convenient than ever before. For senior singles, trying online dating sites like OurTime can help boost your dating game. With OurTime, you can create a profile for free and start browsing other profiles in no time. Sign up now and take the first step towards finding your perfect match.

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