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Could App Store users start having to pay more for their subscriptions without warning?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Tweet tweet, we’ve got some news! According to a recent TechSpot article, App Store has released new rules stating that subscriptions can now auto-renew with increased prices without having to get the user’s permission. Users will receive push notifications and emails notifying them to this change, but with the cost of living crisis at the centre of most Britain's minds, is this a well-timed move by Apple?

Of course, there are a few caveats to these rules; if the price of an app goes up by more than 50% and the difference is over £4.01, the app then won’t qualify to be auto-renewed.

Here’s some good news!

Little Birdie, the subscription and bill management app, will be launching soon! The smart AI-powered app will give you a bird’s eye view of all your subscriptions and regular payments! What does this mean in practical terms? It’s simple, Little Birdie provides you with a complete list of your subscriptions and regular payments, so you can easily see any duplicates or apps that you rarely use and cleanse your subscription list accordingly!

Our belief at Little Birdie is that subscriptions are worth managing. Research shows that the average person has over 25 subscriptions, and the average UK household wastes £500 a year on subscriptions that they don’t even use! We know what you’re thinking – “Yikes – I don’t have £500 a year to waste – especially now with bills skyrocketing!”. Fear not – Little Birdie is launching a precisely the right time and flying to YOUR rescue! We want to help you see what you have and most importantly, what you need.

An app that does the hard work for you

Once the app has launched, all you have to do to start saving money is to either add all your subscriptions and regular payments manually or connect your bank accounts using opening banking. Open banking is safe, secure, and super easy - keep reading to see how to use it!

To learn more about how open banking works and how to connect your accounts, check out this video.

Cancel & save

Another super snazzy feature of the Little Birdie app is that it reminds you when any free trials are coming to an end. That’s right – no more wasting money you don’t have on subscriptions you don’t want!

You see, in a world where everyone is looking out for number one, we want to look out for you by managing your subscriptions and regular payments, and helping you save time and money! Simply join our waitlist and we’re let you know when the app has launched. We’ve got you. Head to our homepage to do join!

Subscriptions managed. Money saved. Life simplified.

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