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How To Delete Revolut Account

What Is Revolut?

Revolut is a global neobank and financial technology company that offers a wide range of digital banking services through its mobile app. Think of it as a traditional bank without the physical branches, all focused on convenience and user-friendliness.

Here's a summary of what Revolut offers:

Everyday essentials:

  • Bank accounts: Hold currencies like GBP and EUR, send and receive money, and make payments.

  • Debit cards: Spend instantly with a physical or virtual card accepted worldwide.

  • Currency exchange: Convert between currencies with competitive rates and no hidden fees.

  • Peer-to-peer payments: Send and receive money instantly from friends and family.

  • Budgeting tools: Track your spending and set goals with features like Vaults.

How To Delete Revolut Account

Deleting your Revolut account is a straightforward process, but there are a few things you need to do beforehand to ensure it goes smoothly. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Before you start:

  • Make sure you have no outstanding balance or pending transactions. If you do, you won't be able to close your account. Clear any remaining balance and wait for any pending transactions to complete before proceeding.

  • Downgrade to the free Standard plan if you're on a paid plan. You can't close a paid account directly.

  • Close any Vaults you have created.

  • Cancel any active subscriptions.

Deleting your Revolut account:

  1. Open the Revolut app and tap on your profile picture in the top left corner.

  2. Scroll down and tap on "Account."

  3. Tap on "Close account."

  4. Select a reason for closing your account (optional).

  5. Tap on "Close account" again to confirm.

That's it! Your Revolut account will be closed within a few business days. You will receive a confirmation email once the process is complete.

Can I permanently delete my Revolut account?

Yes, you can permanently delete your Revolut account, but there are a few things to do beforehand to ensure a smooth process:

Before you delete:

  • Settle any outstanding balances or pending transactions: Your account can't be closed until everything is cleared.

  • Downgrade to the free Standard plan if you're on a paid plan: Paid plans need to be downgraded before closure.

  • Close any Vaults you've created: These virtual saving pockets need to be emptied and closed.

  • Cancel any active subscriptions: Revolut subscriptions like premium or metal plans need cancellation.

Why can't I close my Revolut account?

There could be a few reasons why you're facing trouble closing your Revolut account. Let's try to narrow it down:

1. Outstanding balance or pending transactions: This is the most common reason. Revolut won't let you close your account if you have any money left in it or if there are pending transactions in progress. Make sure you withdraw any remaining funds and wait for all transactions to clear before attempting closure again.

2. Paid plan subscription: You can't directly close a paid Revolut plan. You need to downgrade to the free Standard plan first. Then, you'll be able to proceed with account closure.

3. Active Vaults: If you have any active Vaults (virtual savings pockets), you need to close them and transfer any remaining funds back to your main account before closing your Revolut account.

4. Active subscriptions: Similar to Vaults, any active subscriptions linked to your Revolut account (like premium or metal plans) need to be canceled before initiating account closure.

5. Technical issues: Occasionally, technical glitches within the app can prevent account closure. Try restarting the app, updating it to the latest version, or clearing the app cache before attempting again.

If you've checked all of these and still can't close your account:

  • Contact Revolut support: Explain your situation and ask for assistance. They can check your account for any specific issues and guide you through the closure process.

  • Double-check the steps: Ensure you're following the correct procedure as outlined in the Revolut Help Center or app instructions.

How do I delete a Revolut currency account?

Deleting a specific currency account within Revolut isn't actually possible in the traditional sense. However, you can deactivate or hide the account, effectively achieving a similar outcome. Here's how:

To deactivate a currency account:

  1. Open the Revolut app and navigate to your Dashboard tab.

  2. Click on your total balance. This will display all your active currency accounts.

  3. Select the currency account you want to deactivate.

  4. Tap the three dots (...) button in the top right corner of the specific currency account.

  5. Choose "Deactivate" from the menu.

This will deactivate the account, meaning you can no longer send money from it or use it for transactions. However, you can still receive money into the deactivated account. If you ever want to reactivate it, simply follow the same steps and choose "Activate" instead.

How do I delete my bank account from Revolut?

When you talk about "deleting" your bank account from Revolut, it's important to clarify whether you mean:

  1. Unlinking a linked external bank account: This process removes the connection between your Revolut account and your external bank account, preventing transfers between them.

  2. Closing your Revolut account altogether: This permanently shuts down your Revolut account and removes all associated currency accounts and data.

If you want to unlink a linked external bank account:

  1. Open the Revolut app.

  2. Go to the "Accounts" section.

  3. Select the linked bank account you want to remove.

  4. Tap on "Details" or similar options.

  5. Look for an option like "Revoke access" or "Unlink account."

This will disconnect the accounts, and you won't be able to transfer funds between them anymore. However, your external bank account remains active and separate.

Can I delete my Revolut account and make a new one?

There's a bit of nuance to this question, as deleting your Revolut account and creating a new one using the same details isn't entirely straightforward:

Here's what you can do:

  • Close your existing Revolut account: You can follow the steps I mentioned earlier, ensuring all balances are cleared and requirements met.

  • Create a new Revolut account: You can sign up again using your same personal information like email and phone number. However, there might be limitations:

  • Phone number: Revolut might hold your used phone number for some time (potentially up to 6 years) before allowing it on a new account. You might need to use a different number in the interim.

  • Personal information: While using the same information is generally okay, Revolut might ask for additional verification due to the previous account closure.

Can you delete a Revolut payment?

Whether you can delete a Revolut payment depends on the stage of the payment and the type of payment made:

For completed payments:

  • Unfortunately, once a payment is completed and processed, it cannot be directly deleted or reversed within the Revolut app. Revolut considers these payments final and irreversible.

For pending payments:

  • You might have some options for pending payments depending on the type:

  • Standard transfers: If the transfer is still pending, you might be able to cancel it within the app. Look for the "Cancel" option near the pending transaction details.

  • Scheduled payments: You can usually edit or delete scheduled payments before the scheduled date. Find the scheduled payment and choose "Edit" or "Delete" options.

  • Card payments: For card payments that haven't been processed yet, contacting Revolut support might offer some possibilities for cancellation, depending on the merchant and processing stage.

What happens when you delete Revolut?

When you delete your Revolut account, several things happen, and it's important to understand the consequences before proceeding:

Immediate effects:

  • Account closure: Your Revolut account itself gets permanently closed. You won't be able to access it or any associated features like sending/receiving money, currency exchange, or investment tools.

  • Card deactivation: Any linked Revolut cards (physical or virtual) will be deactivated and become unusable.

  • Data retention: Revolut retains your data (like transaction history and personal information) for up to 6 years for legal and regulatory compliance.

Further consequences:

  • Pending transactions: Any pending transactions at the time of closure will be canceled, and the funds returned to the sender (depending on the type of transaction).

  • Subscriptions and Vaults: Any active subscriptions or Vaults (saving pockets) must be closed or emptied before account closure.

  • Account balance: Ensure you withdraw any remaining balance from your Revolut account before closing. Unclaimed funds might be subject to dormancy fees after a certain period.

  • Reopening account: While possible within a certain timeframe, contacting Revolut support for account reopening might involve additional verification and potentially not be guaranteed.

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