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How To Delete National Lottery Account

What Is National Lottery?

The UK National Lottery is a state-run lottery established in 1994. It's one of the most popular forms of gambling in the UK, offering several exciting games with potentially life-changing prizes. Here's a breakdown:


  • Lotto: The classic "pick 6 numbers" game with draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Jackpots can climb into the millions!

  • EuroMillions: An international lottery shared with several European countries, boasting even bigger jackpots, potentially exceeding £100 million.

  • Set For Life: Win £10,000 every month for 30 years!

  • Thunderball: A faster-paced game with smaller prizes drawn four nights a week.

  • Instant Win Games: Scratchcard-style games for instant gratification, with prizes ranging from a few pounds to millions.

How To Delete National Lottery UK Account

Here is the process of deleting your National Lottery UK account. Some options:

1. Online Account:

  • Log in to your National Lottery account on the official website:

  • Go to the "My Account" section, usually located in the top right corner.

  • Click on "Manage My Account" or similar options.

  • Look for options like "Close Account" or "Delete Account". These might be under the "Account Settings" or "Account Preferences" section.

  • Follow the prompts and confirm your decision.

2. Contacting Customer Support:

  • If you can't find an option to delete your account online, you can contact National Lottery customer support.

  • You can reach them through:

  • Phone: 0333 234 5050 (available Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm)

  • Email:

  • Live Chat: Available on the National Lottery website during operating hours.

  • Clearly state your request to delete your account and provide any necessary information like your username, email address, and account number.

Additional notes:

  • Make sure you withdraw any remaining funds before deleting your account. Once it's closed, you won't be able to access them.

  • Consider unsubscribing from marketing emails to stop receiving lottery communications.

  • Cancel any automated payments linked to your account (e.g., direct debits) to avoid future charges.

Remember, specific instructions might vary depending on the National Lottery's current policies and procedures. If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to contact customer support for assistance.

Can I reopen my National Lottery account after it has been deleted?

Whether you can reopen your National Lottery account after it has been deleted depends on how long it's been since you deleted it and the reason for closing it. Here's what you need to know:


  • Within 28 days: If you deleted your account within the past 28 days, you may be able to reopen it directly online by logging in with your credentials and following the prompts.

  • After 28 days: After 28 days, reopening your account might require contacting National Lottery customer support. They will need to verify your identity and may ask about the reason for your initial closure and your interest in reopening.

Reasons for closure:

  • Self-exclusion: If you closed your account due to self-exclusion, reopening it might be more difficult or even impossible. Self-exclusion periods typically last for a predetermined amount of time, and reopening would require confirming your intention to resume playing.

  • Other reasons: If you closed your account for other reasons, like inactivity or technical issues, reopening it through customer support should be more straightforward.

What Happens To Ongoing Lottery Tickets Or Subscriptions If I Delete My Account?

If you delete your National Lottery UK account, the fate of any ongoing lottery tickets or subscriptions depends on their status and the timeframe of your account closure:

1. Active Tickets:

  • Tickets for upcoming draws: These tickets will become void and ineligible for prizes once your account is deleted. Unfortunately, you won't be able to claim any potential winnings with them.

  • Tickets for past draws: Any prizes won on tickets for past draws should still be claimable, even after account deletion. You can contact National Lottery customer support to claim them using your ticket details or reference number.

2. Active Subscriptions:

  • Subscriptions for future draws: These subscriptions will be automatically cancelled upon account deletion. No further payments will be deducted, and you won't be entered into any upcoming draws associated with the subscription.

  • Subscriptions for past draws: Similar to tickets, any winnings from past draws due to active subscriptions can still be claimed after deletion. Contact customer support for assistance.

Timeframe considerations:

  • Within 28 days: If you delete your account within 28 days, there may be a chance to reactivate it and potentially reinstate your tickets and subscriptions. However, this isn't guaranteed, and contacting customer support is crucial.

  • After 28 days: Once beyond the 28-day grace period, the above consequences apply, and tickets/subscriptions cannot be reinstated.

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