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How To Delete M&S Sparks Account

What Is M&S Sparks?

M&S Sparks is the loyalty program for the popular British retailer Marks & Spencer. It offers a variety of benefits to members, including:


  • Personalized offers: Get discounts and deals on the things you love based on your shopping history.

  • Chance to win: Every week, one lucky Sparks customer in each store gets their entire shopping trip paid for!

  • Free treats: Surprise treats and thank yous throughout the year.

  • Sparks Stamps: Collect a stamp for every hot drink purchase, and get your 7th one free.


  • Choose a charity and M&S will donate a small amount to them every time you shop.


  • Scan & Shop: Skip the checkout line by scanning your purchases with the M&S app.

  • Digital receipts: Access your receipts easily through email.

  • Priority access: Reach higher tiers in the program and enjoy perks like early access to sales and new products.

Joining is free and easy: you can either sign up online or download the M&S app. Once you're a member, simply scan your Sparks card or app at checkout to start enjoying the benefits.

How To Delete M&S Sparks Account

Here's how to delete your M&S Sparks account:

1. Online:

  • Visit the M&S website and sign in to your Sparks account.

  • Navigate to your account settings or profile page.

  • Look for an option to "Close Account" or "Delete Account."

  • Follow the prompts to confirm your deletion request.

2. Contact Customer Service:

  • If you're unable to find the option to delete your account online, reach out to M&S Customer Service for assistance.

  • You can contact them through their website, phone, or email.

  • Provide your Sparks account information and request that they delete your account.

  • They should be able to process your request quickly.

Important Notes:

  • Lost Benefits: Once your account is deleted, you'll lose any accumulated Sparks points, rewards, or personalized offers.

  • Pending Rewards: Redeem any pending rewards before deleting your account, as they'll also be forfeited.

  • Reconsideration: If you're unsure about deleting, consider deactivating your account temporarily instead. This option might be available in your account settings.

Additional Information:

  • Linked Accounts: If your Sparks account is linked to other M&S services like Sparks Pay or the M&S Bank, those services might be affected by deletion. Check with M&S Customer Service for specific details.

  • Data Retention: Inquire about M&S's data retention policies to understand how long they might keep your information after account deletion.

How do I unsubscribe to Marks and Spencer?

There are several ways to unsubscribe from Marks and Spencer (M&S) marketing communications, depending on your preferred method:

Through your M&S account:

  1. Website: Log in to your M&S account on their website

  2. Manage preferences: Navigate to your account settings or profile page, where you should find an option to manage your marketing preferences.

  3. Choose channels: Uncheck the boxes for the channels you want to unsubscribe from (email, text messages, post).

  4. Save changes: Confirm your selections and save the changes.

From emails:

  1. Look for the "unsubscribe" link: Most M&S emails have an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom. Simply click the link and follow the instructions to unsubscribe from future emails.

From text messages:

  1. Reply "STOP": Reply to the number that sent you the text message with the word "STOP" to unsubscribe from future text messages.

By contacting M&S Customer Service:

  1. Phone: Call M&S Customer Service at 0333 014 8555 (UK).

  2. Online chat: Use the online chat feature on the M&S website.

  3. Email: Contact M&S Customer Service through their email address (

  4. Provide details: Inform them of your request to unsubscribe and tell them which channels you want to opt out of (email, text messages, post).

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