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How Much is Ring Subscription

Ring Subscription Cost: Unveiling the True Expenses

Home security systems play a crucial role in ensuring peace of mind for homeowners, regardless of whether they are at home, at work, or away on vacation. Ring devices function effectively without subscription plans, providing real-time video footage straight to one's smartphone. However, opting for a subscription plan elevates the security of one's home by offering additional features for increased safety.

Various factors contribute to the cost of a Ring subscription plan. In this article, we have examined these components to help you decide which Ring plan best suits your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Ring devices offer real-time video viewing without subscriptions, while subscription plans provide extra security features.

  • Different factors influence the cost of a Ring subscription plan.

  • Choosing the right Ring subscription plan depends on individual needs and preferences.

Average Ring Membership Expenses

Typical Ring monitoring charges amount to £7.79 per month. Nevertheless, prices can range from a minimum of £2.49 per month on an annual plan to a maximum of £15 per month with a monthly plan, based on the selected option.

How a Ring Subscription Functions

A Ring subscription offers an array of security features for Ring devices, enhancing their performance. Subscribers can access and manage these features via the Ring app, including downloading and sharing up to 50 videos. Different subscription plans offer specific functionalities such as:

  • Coverage for a single Ring doorbell or home camera

  • Support for all Ring doorbells and home cameras in one household

  • Compatibility with all Ring doorbells or home cameras

  • LTE connectivity for one Ring Car Cam

Key features include video recording, notifications, cloud storage, person alerts, rich notifications, snapshot capture, motion-activated notifications, and alarm notifications.

Monthly Costs for a Ring Subscription

Ring security offers three pricing tiers: £3.99, £10, and £20 per month. The monthly cost will depend on the subscription plan selected.

Package Options and Monitoring Plans

Protect Basic Option

The Protect Basic Option costs £3.99 per month or £39.99 per year and offers features for individual doorbell or home security camera coverage. These features include:

  • 180-day video history

  • Video saving and sharing

  • Snapshot capture throughout the day

  • Person alert notifications

  • Photo previews of alerts

  • Multiple modes

  • Digital arming and disarming of alarm system

  • Home security automation

  • Alarm notifications

  • 60-day alarm notification history

  • 10% discount from select products

  • Ability to download up to 50 videos at a time

Protect Plus Option

For £10 per month or £100 annually, the Protect Plus Option covers all of your Ring doorbells and home cameras (for one address) and extends the warranty on these devices. This plan includes everything from the Protect Basic Option as well as:

  • Video recording for all of your Ring doorbells and home cameras (for one address)

  • An extended warranty for your devices (for one address)

Protect Pro Option

The Protect Pro Option, priced at £20 per month or £200 annually, is the premium offering that incorporates all the benefits of the previous two options, with additional valuable features such as:

  • Cellular backup for alarms

  • Request SOS emergency services

  • 24/7 internet backup for up to 3GB of data a month

  • Digital security with ad blocks

  • Local video storage

  • Up to £100 per year savings on home insurance

Elements Influencing Ring Subscription Prices

Choice of Subscription Package

The subscription plan chosen significantly impacts the cost, ranging from £3.99, £10.00, to £20.00 per month, or £39.99, £100.00 or £200.00 per year. The Basic plan is the least expensive Ring subscription plan, followed by the Plus plan and, finally, the Pro plan, which is the most costly.

Yearly vs. Monthly Payment Scheme

Opting for yearly or monthly payments for your subscription affects your overall savings, leading to savings between £7.89 to £40.00 per year. Annual subscriptions provide the following savings:

  • Ring Protect Basic subscription: £7.89 savings on a yearly subscription

  • Ring Protect Plus subscription: £20.00 savings on a yearly subscription

  • Ring Protect Pro subscription: £40.00 savings on a yearly subscription

Number of Devices

For individuals with only one Ring doorbell or security camera at home, the Basic plan may be an ideal choice, as it covers a single camera. In this scenario, the financial advantage of selecting the most budget-friendly home security plan could outweigh the benefits of the Plus or Pro plan.

However, when multiple Ring doorbells, security cameras, or Ring devices are installed in various locations, the Plus or Pro plan might be the better option to consider.

Additional Expenses and Factors Linked to Ring Subscriptions

Mobile Backup

In cases where you reside in a remote area or encounter frequent Wi-Fi disruptions, a backup plan enhances the reliability of your home security system. This might affect your choice of subscription and the associated monthly or annual costs. For instance, if you worry about losing Wi-Fi connectivity when you require access to your security system, the Ring Protect Plus plan offers mobile backup features at a higher price.

Prolonged Warranty

All Ring devices include a one-year limited warranty covering defects and workmanship issues. The Ring Protect Plus Plan extends coverage beyond the standard one-year warranty for the duration of your subscription plan.

Discounts on Products

Upon subscribing to any Ring subscription plan, you can enjoy a 10% discount on selected Ring products. This can make your subscription more valuable than opting out if you strategically invest in Ring products after subscribing.

Storage Possibilities

Each Ring subscription plan provides video history for up to 180 days and video saving and sharing features through the Ring app. However, only the Pro Plan includes local video storage. With the Pro plan, videos and alerts are stored on the Ring Edge-MicroSD card placed inside the Ring Alarm Pro. Both the microSD card and Ring Alarm Pro are sold separately, so consider the cost of these additions for local storage:

  • Ring Edge-MicroSD card: £14.99

  • Ring Alarm Pro Security Kit, 8-Piece: £299.99

  • Ring Alarm Pro Security Kit, 13-Piece: £379.99

  • Ring Alarm Pro Security Kit, 14-Piece: £379.99

Non-stop Expert Monitoring

For enhanced security, the Pro plan includes 24/7 professional monitoring services. With these additional Ring security features, you will be notified in case of a break-in, medical emergency, natural disaster or security threat. This alarm alerts the Ring Monitoring Centre, where an agent contacts you and sends emergency responders if you are unresponsive.

Ring Subscription Perks

With a Ring subscription, users gain access to numerous features including:

  • 180-day video history: Keep a record of past footage.

  • Save and share capabilities: Effortlessly save and share video clips.

  • 10% discount on Ring products: Applicable to certain items.

  • Bulk video download: Retrieve up to 50 videos simultaneously.

  • Around-the-clock monitoring: Exclusive to the Pro plan.

  • Real-time alerts: Timely notifications for alarms and motion-activated events.

  • Enhanced home security: Additional safety measures for peace of mind.

Tips for Cutting Costs on a Ring Subscription

  • Opt for a yearly membership rather than a monthly one, as it can save you between £5.91 and £30.00 each month.

  • If you're on a budget, the Basic plan is the most cost-effective choice.

  • Check if your home insurance provider offers discounts for home security systems.

  • Buying your subscription first can grant you a 10% discount on selected Ring products.

  • Only invest in the necessary cameras and alarm devices to avoid extra costs.

The Final Verdict: Is a Ring Subscription Suitable for You?

In order to determine if a Ring subscription is the right choice for you, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the various plans. If your primary requirement is simply live footage access from Ring cameras, you might not need a subscription plan. Assess your financial capacity and the distinct features of each plan to establish the most suitable Ring configuration for your residence.

  • Review your needs: security threats, budget, features

  • Subscription not essential for live footage only

  • Analyze the plans and their benefits

Keep in mind that the information provided here was accurate at the time of writing, but it may be subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Ring devices function without a subscription?

Ring devices can still be used for real-time video viewing through the Ring app without a subscription. However, a subscription plan offers additional features that can enhance the security of your home.

What advantages does a Ring subscription offer?

A Ring subscription provides the option to download, favourite, review, and share videos recorded by your devices. With Ring's premium plan, 24/7 monitoring is available to assist in emergencies.

How can I save Ring doorbell videos without a subscription?

Without a subscription, saving videos is not possible, and only live camera feed viewing is available. You can save your Ring doorbell videos by opting for the company's free 30-day subscription trial.

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