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How Much is a Sky Sports Subscription: Key Highlights and Industry Impact

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Sky Sports has established itself as the premier sports TV subscription service in the UK for over 30 years.

Throughout its existence, it has evolved to become a hub for a wide array of exclusive sports content, like football, golf, F1, and darts.

Known for its quality, Sky Sports does come with a price tag, but the variety and exclusivity of the content make it well worth the investment.

You can access Sky Sports through options like a Sky TV package, NOW TV membership, or as an add-on with other TV providers, such as Virgin Media and BT TV.

Key Takeaways

  • Sky Sports offers a wide range of exclusive sports content, making it a leading subscription service in the UK.

  • There are various ways to access Sky Sports, including a Sky TV package, NOW TV membership or as an add-on to other providers.

  • To make the most of your Sky Sports subscription, consider the pricing and options that best suit your needs and preferences.


Sky Sports offers a comprehensive TV package with 11 sports-dedicated channels, covering a vast array of disciplines, such as football, cricket, Formula 1, and horse racing. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a long-term TV subscription bundle or choose a flexible monthly plan that can be cancelled whenever needed.

Not only limited to Sky TV subscribers, Sky Sports is accessible through various other providers like BT and Virgin Media, as well as NOW TV, Sky's affiliated streaming platform. With NOW TV, you may go for a monthly or daily subscription to suit your viewing habits.

Sky Sports can be enjoyed on different devices, whether it's your television, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or gaming console. For Mac and PC users, simply download the Sky Sports desktop video player to start watching your favourite events.

Additionally, the Sky Sports app, which is included with any subscription, gives you access to live scores, news updates, and fixtures, as well as the ability to stream live content at home or on-the-go.

If you decide to opt for a NOW TV Sports Membership instead, you can watch Sky Sports on any compatible device through the NOW TV app. This option is particularly convenient for those who don't want to install a Sky satellite dish on their property.

What's the Most Affordable Way to Access Sky Sports?

Cheapest Sky Sports Packages and Rates

Sky Sports is not known for being inexpensive, but there are a few ways to enjoy it at a lower cost. If you only need it for a day, consider the £10 day pass on NOW TV. This gives you access to all 11 Sky Sports channels for 24 hours, making it an ideal option for sporadic sports events.

If you plan on watching Sky Sports more frequently, a rolling monthly contract with Sky TV could be the best option. Prices start around £20 per month. Keep in mind, though, that Sky requires an 18-month commitment, so make sure you're comfortable with that.

Here are some of the most affordable Sky Sports deals available:



Avg. Speed (if applicable)

No phone line

Price per month

Usual price

Online exclusive

Sky Glass + Entertainment + Sports + Netflix







Big Sport + Full Fibre 100







Big Sport + Fibre 2







Keep in mind that these deals are online exclusives and may vary based on availability and your location. Make sure to compare Sky Sports packages before deciding which option suits your needs best.

Coverage on Sky Sports Channels

Sky Sports Main Event Subsection

  • Major live events by Sky

  • Premier League, Test Cricket, Formula 1, and more

Sky Sports Arena Subsection

  • Exclusive pay-per-view events (not included in subscription)

  • European rugby union, rugby league, boxing, GAA, darts, and more

Sky Sports Premier League Subsection

  • Live top-flight UK football

  • Highlights and features from previous Premier League seasons

Sky Sports Football Subsection

  • Carabao Cup, EFL, and more

  • Features on football legends and classic Cup Finals

Sky Sports F1 Subsection

  • Comprehensive coverage of Formula 1 Grand Prix races

  • Practice races, qualifiers, and off-season highlights

  • Interviews and documentaries on racing stars

Sky Sports NFL Subsection

  • Dedicated to the National Football League (NFL)

  • Exciting games, playoffs, and the Super Bowl

Sky Sports Racing Subsection

  • Live coverage of UK horse racing

  • International racing coverage

  • News and reviews of previous week's racing

Sky Sports Golf Subsection

  • Latest Golf news from Sky Sports

  • European tour and PGA tour covered along with Masters, Open, US Open, PGA Championships, and Ryder Cup

Sky Sports Action Subsection

  • Dedicated to general sports coverage, focusing on highlights

  • Rugby, netball, NFL, NBA, and more

Sky Sports Mix Subsection

  • Mixture of live sports, documentaries, and fitness programmes

  • NBA, BBL matches, football features, and fitness shows

Sky Sports News Subsection

  • 24-hour coverage of the latest sports news

  • Daily discussions and football transfer analysis

Ways to Acquire Sky Sports

Receiving Sky Sports through Sky TV

If you're a Sky TV customer, you have the option to include Sky Sports in your package or add it as an extra feature. Bundling Sky Sports with your Sky TV subscription is more cost-effective, and it comes with an 18-month contract. As a Sky subscriber, you'll also gain complimentary access to the Sky Sports app and Sky Go, allowing you to enjoy your favourite sports while on the go.

Obtaining Sky Sports via BT

BT provides its customers with the Big Sport bundle, which includes both TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) and a NOW TV Sports membership, giving you a comprehensive sports TV package. Alternatively, you can add the NOW TV Sport option to your basic BT TV package. This choice is more costly, but since it is on a rolling monthly contract, you can cancel it at any time.

Accessing Sky Sports through Virgin Media

Similar to BT, you can select a pre-built Virgin Media package, such as the Bigger Bundle + Sports, including both Sky Sports and TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport), or you can simply add Sky Sports to your chosen bundle. In either case, you'll be committed to an 18-month contract. Please note that acquiring Sky Sports in HD with Virgin Media will cost an additional £7 per month, unless you opt for the Ultimate Volt package, which includes HD as standard.

Sky Sports using NOW TV

An evident alternative to getting Sky Sports with Sky TV is through NOW TV, offering Sky Sports with either a monthly or daily subscription. Both options can be expensive, but they don't require a long-term commitment. Be mindful that NOW TV's monthly memberships renew automatically unless cancelled while daily memberships don't.

You can watch a NOW TV subscription using the NOW TV app on a Smart TV, games console, streaming stick (such as Roku), webpage, or even your phone or tablet. To watch Sky Sports in HD, you'll need to pay extra for the NOW TV Boost, which allows HD viewing and raises the number of devices you can watch on simultaneously from one to three.

Alternatives to Sky Sports

TNT Sports (previously BT Sport)

TNT Sports, previously known as BT Sport, offers a fantastic selection of football content. With exclusive coverage of the UEFA Champions League, the Emirates FA Cup, the UEFA Europa League, and 52 Premier League matches not available on Sky Sports, it's an excellent choice for football enthusiasts. Rugby Union fans are also catered for, with coverage of Premiership Rugby, the European Champions Cup, and the European Challenge Cup.

NOW TV Sports Membership

NOW TV provides the highlights of Sky without the long-term commitment. Offering Sky Sports channels on a monthly basis or via one-day memberships for specific events, this is a flexible alternative. Additionally, this option includes access to five Sky Sports channels on your mobile device, ensuring you don't miss any important events.

Freesports from Freeview

Freesports is an accessible sports channel available on Freeview, with no subscription fees required. Showcasing a wide variety of sports highlights from the UK and abroad, viewers can enjoy football, rugby league, hockey, tennis, motorsports, showjumping, and more.

Popular Packages

Sky Stream + Sports + Netflix

150+ channels

Sky Stream + Entertainment + Sports + Netflix + Superfast

61Mb average speed

150+ channels

PAYG calls

Sky Glass + Entertainment + Sports + Netflix

150+ channels

£34.00 per month (usually £60.00)

Compare Sports TV deals to find the best option for your viewing preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Sky Sports?

Sky Sports costs approximately £20 when purchased with Sky TV. If obtained through NOW TV, the price is around £30 or more for a rolling monthly contract, and additional charges apply for HD quality.

Can I access Sky Sports without a contract?

Yes, you can choose either the Sports Day or Sports Month membership with NOW TV, which come without a contract.

Is it possible to watch Sky Sports on my mobile phone?

Indeed, upon signing up for Sky Sports through Sky or another provider, such as Virgin Media, you can watch it on your smartphone via the Sky Sports app.

Is Sky Sports available in HD?

Certainly. If you opt for Sky Sports as a component of a Sky TV bundle, it comes in HD by default. However, if you purchase Sky Sports through NOW TV, you'll also need to acquire the NOW TV Boost, which carries an extra monthly fee.

For additional assistance, you may call Sky experts at 0333 210 1128. They are available from 9am-6:30pm, Monday to Friday.

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