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The Most Popular Subscriptions: From Streaming Services to Subscription Boxes

5 May 2023

Since launching last year Little Birdie has been helping thousands of people take control of their subscriptions…..and we have seen there are lots of subscriptions!  The types of subscriptions Little Birdie is helping customers manage ranges from streaming services and memberships to subscription boxes delivering weekly and monthly products.

Streaming Services

According to 58% of British households are streaming at least one service.  Below is their list of the top services being streamed.

Not surprisingly the majority of UK households have a Netflix subscription and with the increase in penetration of streaming subscription services even newcomers like Disney are performing well with their Disney Plus subscription service.

Subscription Boxes

It isn’t just streaming services that have increased in popularity but more and more people are signing up to receive subscription boxes. Everything from beauty subscription boxes to book subscription boxes, and even vegan subscription boxes, is available for delivery to customers on a regular basis.

According to the most popular categories in subscription boxes is not surprisingly is food as more than 35% of subscribers subscribing to a food subscription box.

If streaming subscriptions or subscription boxes make sense to you Little Birdie has some great deals on subscriptions you won’t want to miss.  Click here to find the top deals on beauty subscription boxes, food subscription boxes and more.

When you sign up to any new subscription box or subscription service make sure that Little Birdie knows so that you can keep track of your subscriptions and with Click to Cancel it is easy to make changes and ensure you don’t pay for what you no longer want.


Subscriptions managed. Money saved. Life simplified.

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