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Pret Coffee Subscription: A Coffee Lovers Guide to Saving

7 Apr 2023

With the cost-of-living crisis every penny counts.  But what counts more is being realistic about what you spend your money on and making sure you are getting savings where you can.

Many people can’t start their day without their coffee and a caffeine fix mid-afternoon helps give many the boost they need to the end of the day.  A coffee a day (or any of your favourite barista drinks) can quickly add up and throw your budget off track.

With  Pret Coffee Subscription for £25 a month you can budget for your coffee, tea or latte break and save money.  As part of your monthly subscription, you can drink up to 5 hot drinks a day – more than enough to satisfy cravings.  If 5 hot drinks a day sounds like to much the subscription still provides value for those who drink less.

If you are paying £2.50 for your coffee every weekday you could be getting approximately 10 of them for free through the Pret Coffee subscription:

20 weekdays a month X £2.50 per coffee = £50 a month

Pret coffee subscription providing a coffee a day = £25 a month

Savings £25 a month

At Little Birdie was want you to help you save money without the sacrifice, with the Pret Coffee Subscription get your favourite treats and save money. 

Don’t forget - when you sign up to any new subscription service make sure that Little Birdie knows so that you can keep track of your subscriptions and with Click to Cancel it is easy to make changes and ensure you don’t pay for what you no longer want.

Subscriptions managed. Money saved. Life simplified.

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