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Can A Car Subscription Save You Money?

23 Apr 2023

Little Birdie is helping thousands of customers manage their subscriptions – and there are a lot of subscriptions.  Little Birdie is noticing an increase in the number of customers signing up to car subscriptions.  Could a car subscription be the answer to helping you save money?

In the UK, car subscription is a relatively new way to access a vehicle. It is an alternative to traditional car ownership or leasing, where customers can pay a monthly fee to access a car without the responsibilities and long-term commitments that come with ownership.

Car subscription services typically offer customers access to a range of cars, including new and used models, with different specifications and options. Customers can choose a car that suits their needs and preferences and sign up for a subscription plan that typically includes insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

The subscription fee covers all of these costs, so customers do not have to worry about unexpected expenses such as repairs or breakdowns. Depending on the subscription plan, customers may also have access to additional services such as car cleaning or replacement vehicles.

Car subscriptions can be flexible, with many services allowing customers to change their car or subscription plan as their needs change. Some services even allow customers to pause or cancel their subscription at any time with little or no penalty.

Overall, car subscriptions provide a convenient and flexible way for people to access a car without the commitment and financial burden of ownership.


Subscriptions managed. Money saved. Life simplified.

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