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12 Best Wine Subscriptions UK: Top Picks for Monthly Deliveries this Autumn

Updated 12th September 2023 for LittleBirdie: Best Wine Subscription "UK"

If you're looking to expand your wine knowledge and try out new wines, ordering a monthly wine subscription box is a great way to do just that.

Whether you're a wine nerd, juice box enthusiast, or just looking to explore new flavours, we've got you covered.

Join us as we take a journey through the world of wine and discover new tastes and experiences together in 2023.

Our editorial team has meticulously curated and critiqued each product featured.

Best UK Wine Subscriptions at a Glance 2023

Here are our top monthly wine subscriptions in the UK for 2023:

  1. Waterside Wines - best wine subscription UK for 2023, Get started today with 5% off!

  2. Laithwaites - best all-round wine subscription, with 12 bottles starting at £65 per month

  3. Oranj - best for music fans, offering 2 bottles and a poster for £60 per month

  4. Brixton Wine Club - best for canned wine, with 3 cans starting at £19 per month

  5. Corkk Club - best for small quantities, with one bottle starting at £18 per month

  6. Wine of England - best for English wine, with 2 bottles starting at £36 per month

  7. Abel & Cole cheese and wine club - best for cheese and wine, with 2 bottles and cheese for £11 per week

  8. Peckham Cellars Club Del Vino - best for discovering small producers, with 4 bottles starting at £88 per month

  9. Crispin - best for natural wines, with 3 bottles starting at £55 per month

  10. The Sourcing Table - best high-end wine subscription, with 6 bottles quarterly starting at £150

  11. The Wine Society - best for flexible choice, with 12 bottles starting at £95

  12. Provisions wine subscription - best for unique themes, with 3 bottles starting at £55 per month

Whether you're a wine enthusiast looking to discover new flavours or a casual drinker searching for a convenient way to stock up on your favourite wines, these wine subscription services are sure to cater to your needs.

We have researched and compiled a list of the best wine subscription services available in the UK. These wine clubs offer a range of options, from monthly subscriptions to one-time purchases, and cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Best Monthly Wine Subscriptions to Try 2023

1. Waterside Wines

Wine Subscription Simplicity: Getting wines delivered to your door with Waterside Wines is as easy as One, Two, Three!

  • Select your monthly wine subscription case.

  • Order your box and enjoy the flexibility to change or cancel anytime.

  • Receive your subscription box straight to your door every month.

  1. Exclusive Discount: Get a 5% discount when you subscribe.

  2. Curated Cases: Their wine offerings range from the "Steak & Red Wine Combination Case" priced at £75.12, to the top-selling "Popular Rose Wines for 2023" at £89.12. Whether it's Malbec suggestions, a Prosecco collection, or seafood pairings, Waterside Wines has got you covered.

  3. Newsletter Perks: Join the Waterside Wines monthly newsletter and receive free shipping on your first order. Plus, stay updated with exclusive offers, promotions, and events..

  4. Additional Features: The website offers a comprehensive range of services from tracking your order, viewing returns & deliveries policies, to managing your subscription. They also hold a valid VAT and AWRS number, ensuring legitimate business operations.

Waterside Wines is all about bringing the world of wines closer to you

2. Laithwaites

Laithwaite’s wine subscription service has been in business for over 50 years, providing dependable, no-nonsense wines at reasonable prices. The club offers a range of subscription choices, including craft beer options, exclusive offers, and tasting events for members.

The introductory Season’s Favourites offer is a great way to get started, offering 12 bottles of wine (in six pairs of all white, all red, or mixed), four Dartington Crystal wine tumblers, tasting notes and free delivery for only £65.

Our box included a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand’s Marlborough region, bursting with zesty tropical fruit, and a classic oak-aged red rioja by Barón de Barbón.

You can also upgrade to the Unlimited option for an annual payment of £24, which gives free delivery on any order, even if it’s just one bottle, or Premiere Membership for £50 which gets you two free bottles of wine whenever you order 12 or more.

Any wines you don’t like will be refunded in full. Overall, Laithwaite’s offers reliable wines from established wineries that will appeal to those most comfortable with familiar regions and styles of wines.

Available from: Laithwaites (from £65 for 12 bottles)

3. Oranj Wine Subscription

Oranj is a monthly wine subscription service that specializes in natural wines. The subscription service was launched in 2020 when the natural wine bar in London couldn't open as planned.

Monthly boxes contain two or five bottles, priced at £60 or £120. Expect the unexpected from Oranj’s groovy range of natural wines, with the box curated by a different sommelier or foodie each month.

Wines come simply packaged with an artist-designed poster, and a booklet with tasting notes, food matching suggestions, and recipes.

Subscribers also get access to virtual tasting and cook-a-long events and a 10% discount on their online shop prices.

Available from: Oranj (from £60 a month for 2 bottles + poster)

4. Brixton Wine Club

Brixton Wine Club offers an affordable, fun way to try new wines without committing to whole bottles.

The club specializes in canned wines, with six wine subscription options to choose from: white, red, rosé, sparkling, low-alcohol, plus a canned cocktail box. You can also choose to receive three, four, or six cans a month.

We chose the ‘Juice Box’ subscription, containing a mix of white, red, rosé, and sparkling wines. Boxes are available as a one-off delivery or three, six, or 12-month subscriptions, can be canceled any time, and start at £19 a month for three cans.

Our ‘Juice Box’ arrives with six cans (two whites, two rosés, a red, and a spritz) snuggly tucked in slim cardboard packaging and accompanied by simple tasting notes.

The varied selection included a Ramona dry sparkling rosé and a fruity First Crush syrah red. As well as the practicality of getting to taste new wines without commitment, there’s the environmental benefit – cans are lighter than bottles to transport and easily recyclable.

Available from: Brixton Wine Club (from £19 a month for 3 cans)

5. Corkk Club

Corkk Club offers still, sparkling, or mixed cases of wine curated by Master of Wine and English wine expert Clive Barlow.

You can choose from still, sparkling, or mixed cases on a monthly (from £18.50 a month for still, £33 for sparkling, £45 for mixed), quarterly, or six-month basis.

You can also customize how many bottles you receive in each box, with options for one, two, three, six, and 12 bottles. We chose a three-bottle box, which arrived in minimal (yet still secure) plastic-free packaging, alongside lengthy descriptions and tasting notes for each wine.

The Corkk Club is an accessible wine subscription and a great way to get more in-depth knowledge of English wine, as well as supporting smaller, local winemakers and vineyards.

Available from: Corkk (from £18 for one bottle)

6. Wine of England Wine Subscription

Wine of England is an English wine specialist that lists nearly 100 wines on its online shop, mostly from lesser-known wineries, as well as this monthly two-bottle subscription.

Choose between two reds, two whites, one of each, or a double-sized subscription with four bottles. Wines arrive with comprehensive tasting notes, a guide to tasting sparkling wines, and seasonal recipes designed to match the wines.

We received two bottles from the excellent Simpsons wine estate in Kent, including the UK’s first still wine made from the pinot meunier grape that’s most usually used in sparkling wines.

7. Abel & Cole cheese and wine club

Abel & Cole, the paramount proponents of the organic box enterprise, have inaugurated a weekly Connoisseur's Cheese and Wine Soirée, an effortless augmentation to their customary box propositions.

Currently, the vine selection is bifurcated – a robust red and an ethereal white. Astonishingly, both hail from the esteemed Purato vineyards in Sicily.

This vineyard’s dedication to eco-consciousness is unparalleled, hitting every mark in sustainability metrics - encompassing organic, carbon neutrality, vegan ideals, and an unwavering commitment to utilizing materials that have both originated and culminated in a recycled state.

The vino remains constant, but the true odyssey lies in the cheese's metamorphosis; a recent dispatch delivered a generous segment of Wyfe of Bath cheese, its integrity impeccably preserved. Abel & Cole's vanguard in eco-packaging is evident, demonstrating an affinity for minimalistic plastic use, fostering compostability, and championing the cyclic nature of their box system.

For a mere £11, this duet not only tantalizes the taste buds but also proffers an economic advantage, shaving off £2 when juxtaposed with individual purchases. This pairing embodies quintessential value for those relishing daily libations paired exquisitely with cheese.

Immerse yourself in an extensive critique of Abel & Cole's cheese and wine consortium here.

From: Abel & Cole (£11 weekly for a singular vial + fromage)

8. Peckham Cellars 'Club Del Vino' wine subscription

Peckham Cellars, a distinguished enclave for gastronomy and vintages situated in south-east London, unveiled its doors in 2019. Yet, as the pandemic's clutches gripped the globe, they astutely transitioned to the realm of digital viniculture sales. Now, they proudly present their avant-garde monthly vinous rendezvous, Club Del Vino.

Each lunar cycle offers a curated collection, encapsulating the essence of a nation, a terroir, or a vino's character. Patrons may gravitate towards an all-red repertoire or indulge in a variegated assortment, occasionally punctuated by effervescence or the allure of amber-hued wines.

The spotlight predominantly shines on concoctions birthed by boutique vintners, who champion minimalistic intervention, peppered with a generous dose of avant-garde natural vintages. Our treasure chest showcased an exquisite effervescent libation, crafted from native grape varieties, the brainchild of the illustrious Portuguese oenologist, Filipa Pato. These bottled tales are accompanied by elucidative tasting narratives, culinary alchemy recommendations, and delectable recipe pairings.

9. Crispin Wine Club

Nestled amidst London’s historic Spitalfields, Crispin stands as a culinary haven paired with a natural vinous sanctum. Their wine club subscription presents patrons with an avant-garde selection, encompassing the creations of contemporary European vintners.

The procurement process is streamlined: select either a trio of bottles priced at £55 or a quintet for £90, with flexibility in delivery frequencies – either monthly or bi-monthly.

The vinous ensemble is curated by the resident sommelier maestro, Stefano Cazzato. His selections predominantly revolve around natural, biodynamic, and minimalistic intervention vintages, meticulously sourced from boutique producers and collaborative endeavours.

These wines celebrate heritage, with a profound emphasis on ancient indigenous and enigmatic grape varietals. Among our treasured discoveries was a skin-kissed vinho verde, aged gracefully within terracotta amphorae, a masterpiece courtesy of the trailblazing Aphros winery in Portugal.

Each delivery is enhanced with detailed tasting annotations dispatched electronically. Moreover, an allegiance to Crispin's subscription grants one a generous 20% culinary indulgence code, valid at any of Crispin's dining abodes.

Crispin beckons the audacious – offering an exceptional gateway to the enthralling universe of natural wines, whether as a personal exploration or a cherished gift to a discerning confidant. Delve deeper into our exhaustive critique of the Crispin wine subscription here.

From: Crispin (commencing at £55 for a triad of bottles)

10. The Sourcing Table wine subscription

Emerging as a refined branch of Indigo Wines, The Sourcing Table stands as an epitome of wine connoisseurship in the UK. For nearly two decades, this renowned importer has been on a relentless quest, unearthing vinous gems.

Their quarterly wine club subscription unfurls a tapestry of premium vintages, hitherto reserved for the corridors of elite restaurants and boutique wine boutiques.

The digital subscription process is both intuitive and seamless. Prospective members are granted the autonomy to either procure a half-dozen bottles at £120 or double the pleasure with a dozen for £240. These handpicked selections, curated by oenophilic savants, represent a financial windfall, being approximately 15% more economical than individual acquisitions.

The Sourcing Table's ethos is rooted in direct liaisons with vintners, a significant fraction of whom ardently adhere to organic and biodynamic tenets.

Our personal palate was enamoured by an exquisite dry riesling courtesy of Vignoble du Rêveur in Alsace, complemented by the vibrant allure of Patapon – a vivacious natural red hailing from the esoteric Pineau d’Aunis grape in the Loire valley.

As members, one is ushered into an intimate experience, paired with a dedicated wine sage who deciphers individual tastes, guiding subsequent selections. Additionally, privileges extend to invigorating live monthly tastings, interactive dialogues with winemakers, and a gracious 10% remission on ancillary acquisitions.

This wine odyssey curated by The Sourcing Table resonates equally with the seasoned wine aficionado as well as the eager neophyte poised on the cusp of discovery.

11. The Wine Society wine subscription

The Wine Society, esteemed as a distinguished member-driven cooperative, extends an invitation for life membership at a singular charge of £40 – half of which stands redeemable against your inaugural purchase, irrespective of its nature.

Their 'Wine Without Fuss' crates present adaptable schemes catering to diverse palates and budgets, while the 'Vintage Cellar Plans' are meticulously tailored for the ardent wine connoisseur.

Initiating membership is a breeze. Subsequently, the tapestry of choices is both lavish and intricate. The 'Wines Without Fuss' ensemble comprises five distinct paradigms, with each 12-bottle assortment ranging between £95 and £169.

Opt for a symphony of reds, a chorus of whites, a harmonious blend, or weave your very own vinous narrative, even dictating the periodicity of your cherished deliveries.

Every bottle is accompanied by insightful tasting notes and culinary pairing inspirations. Augmenting this, their digital portal burgeons with an abundance of details on each vintage and its master creator.

Ensuring impeccable customer experience coupled with infallible wine selections, the 'Wines Without Fuss' subscription is the epitome of its moniker, regardless of your chosen path.

12. Provisions wine subscription

Nestled in the heart of North London, Provisions stands as an emblem of gastronomic finesse, diligently importing vintages, cheeses, and a melange of artisanal European edibles. Their wine subscription elegantly melds education with indulgence, offering monthly forays into the world of natural wines.

Patrons are presented with the choice of a singular curation of three wines priced at £67.50. Alternatively, they can embark on longer vinous journeys spanning three, six, or twelve months, priced progressively at £65, £60, and £55 respectively.

Each monthly selection boasts a unique thematic identity, perhaps delineated by a region, grape lineage, or vinous temperament.

Our recent exploration led us to the enigmatic realm of orange wines, serving as an enlightening primer to these nuanced, and impeccably gastronomy-complementary vintages.

The selection showcased a pristine sauvignon blanc hailing from Slovakia, accompanied by the multifaceted allure of a 2009 ugni blanc from the esteemed Château Tour Blanc in Gascony. Each consignment, exempt from shipping fees, is augmented with a meticulously crafted booklet.

This literary accompaniment elucidates the tales of the wines and their creators, further enhanced with inspired culinary pairing suggestions.

In summation, Provisions' curated wine crate promises a tapestry of captivating vintages, crafted by adept artisans. The elongated twelve-month commitment, in particular, emerges as a veritable testament to value and quality.

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